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Raising Awareness for JIA

Coaches, a coach most of us know well, Kenyon Commins has been impacted by Juvenile Idiopathci Arthritis (JIA). His son, Kolton, was diagnosed with JIA almost two years ago. It is a struggle that Kolton, deals with on a daily basis. From five daily medications, routine Children's Hospital visits, and weekly injections he pushes himself to not use his disease as an excuse, and is very mindful that many more have it MUCH more difficult than he does.

This year the Arthritis Foundation chose Kolton to be one of their "honorees" for the Annual Walk to Cure Arthritis. The Commins Family is pumped about the honor. They have put together a team for the second year to help raise money and awareness for the cause. The team is named after Kolton's nickname, Diesel.

The link is below for the foundations homepage, as you scroll down you will find a picture of Kolton with his name below. If you click his picture it will take you to Kolton's webpage scroll to the very bottom where there is a link for the "Team Diesel" page. You can choose to either donate or post an inspirational line or message to Kolton. He likes the messages just as much as donations and checks the page daily as he thinks it's pretty cool that people are thinking of him. The dates for the walk are posted as well. Please feel free to join Team Diesel for the walk!

Let's help us spread awareness of JIA! Visit Kolton's page by clicking here.

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