Southwest Ohio Football Coaches Association

Open Scrimmage/Game Dates

New Richmond HS (Div.III) is looking for a week 3 home game in 2020 and an away game week 3 in 2021.  If interested please contact Pat Burke at Burke_p@nrschools.org
Woodward is looking for a scrimmage on August 23, 2019. Please contact Coach Greg Conwell, if interested at conwelg@cpsboe.k12.oh.us or 513-607-6099.
North Adams High School (Seaman, OH) is looking for week 1 and week 7 opponents for the 2019 season. Please contact Justin Schmits at jschmitz2006@yahoo.com or 937-725-1243.
Little Miami is looking for a scrimmage on August 9th 2019 and also has an opening week 10, 11/1/19, due to a cancellation. Please contact Caleb Jones if interested cjones@littlemiamischools.com
North College Hill is still looking for a week 2 opponent, with someone comparably to us (D4-7). Please contact Derek Wiggins at wiggins.d@nchcityschools.org
Goshen is seeking a week 3 opponent for 2020/2021. Need to host in 2020, travel in 2021.
Email Ryan George georger@goshenlocalschools.org if interested
Ponitz Career Tech is looking for a Jamboree scrimmage. We can host or travel. Please contact Head Coach Ryan Jackson at 937-270-8993 or by email at rjackson074@yahoo.com
McNicholas High School is looking for a scrimmage on August 16 or 17, 2019. Please contact Head Coach Mike Orlando at coachmikeorlando@gmail.com or 513-255-0151.
Turpin High School is looking for a scrimmage on Friday, August 23rd, 2019.  Please contact Head Coach Kent McCullough, if interested at kentmccullough@foresthills.edu or (937) 304-3536
Harrison High School is looking for a scrimmage on Friday 8/23/2019.They can travel or host.
Please contact Derek Rehage at Derek.rehage@southwestschools.org 
Aiken High School is looking for a 7 on 7 opponents, two scrimmage opponents, and Week 5 & Week 8 game for 2019.  Home or Away.  
Please contact Head Coach Harry McCall at 513-505-0820 or email harry.mccall18@gmail.com  
Wyoming High School (Cincinnati) is looking for a Week 3 football game in 2019 (away) and 2020 (home). If interested, please contact AD Jan Wilking at wilkingj@wyomingcityschools.org or 513-206-7057.
Lockland looking for scrimmages please contact Mark Ellis at 513-545-4862 or Markellislhs@aol.com
Purcell Marian is looking for local (Cincy-area) week(s) 8 and 9 JV games (Sat. Oct. 13th & Sat. Oct. 20th, 2018) to avoid long JV travel. Please email or call Coach Dave Wirth if open and/or interested at coachwirth@gmail.com
Wyoming is in need of JV Games on week 1 (8/25) and week 7 (10/6). We can host or travel. If interested email Aaron Hancock, hancocka@wyomingcityschools.org
New Richmond is still looking for a Week 2 game for 2019 & 2020. 2019 game will need to be a home game for us. If interested, please contact Pat Burke at burke_p@nrschools.org.
New Richmond is looking for an Away JV game on 9/21/2018.  If interested please contact Pat Burke at burke_p@nrschools.org
Edgewood needs a home Freshman game on 8/25/18. Game will start at 12:00. If interested, email me at scott.clemmons@edgewoodschools.net or call my cell 513-678-8355. 
Ryle HS in NKY will be hosting a Complete QB / WR on June 20 and 21. Please visit www.completeqb.com for details.
Goshen is looking for a 4th team to complete a quad 7v7 on July 9th at 6 p.m. Other teams involved are River View East and Bethel-Tate. Please contact Greg Miller at millerg@goshenlocalschools.org or Shane Elkin at elkin_s@milfordschools.org if interested
Norwood is looking for 7 on 7 scrimmages. Please contact David Ragle @ 513-253-2326
McNicholas High School currently is looking to fill week two next season (2018).  If interested, please contact Head Coach Mike Orlando at coachmikeorlando@gmail.com or 513-255-0151.
New Richmond is looking for a week 2 game for 2019 & 2020.  2019 would need to be a home game for us.  Please Contact Pat Burke if interested. burke_p@nrschools.org
St. Xavier is seeking a 1st scrimmage for 2018 - email  Steve Specht  at sspecht@stxavier.org
Gamble is looking for a week 7 or 8 football games as well for 2018.  Also if need be we would travel.  Have them contact Robert Rachel 513 344 6062 or robrachelump@gmail.com
Winton Woods is looking for a second scrimmage for next year. We can travel if need be.  Contact Coach Parker  dre58ondline@hotmail.com or 513-362-0556 
Cincinnati Country Day is looking for a week two opponent for 2018. Contact Coach Hanhold
hanholdm@countryday.net or (330) 550-3927
Aiken High School is looking for a Week 5 & Week 8 game for 2018.  Home or Away. Please contact
Jeremy Pflug at 513-259-1867 oe email PflugJe@cpsboe.k12.oh.us
Western Hills HS is currently looking for a a game prep scrimmage (8/17/17) would like to host if possible. Please contact Coach Armand Tatum 513-967-6139 or tatumar@cps-k12.org; if interested. 
Withrow is looking for a first scrimmage which is including freshman scrimmage as well.  Divisions 1 -3.  If open please call Coach Snow 513-266-0971
Hughes is looking for a week 6 opponent. I can be reached at coachchrismobley@gmail.com or 937-260-5143.
Canal Winchester High School in Columbus, OH needs a Week 2 game for 2018/19 cycle.  We need to be home for 18 and on the road for 19.  We are a Div 2 school competing in the OCC.  Please contact coachjoshstratton@gmail.com if you are interested.
Fenwick is looking for jamboree scrimmage on Friday Aug 18, Home or away. Please contact
Contact Joe Snively at 513-465-3724 or jsnively@fenwickfalcons.org
Loveland is looking for a scrimmage, Aug 8th. Contact Fred Cranford, cranfofr@lovelandschools.org
New Richmond needs the following games for 2018/19: Week 1, 3, and 4. Please contact Pat Burke if interested at burke_p@nrschools.org
Aiken High School is looking for 2 scrimmages - August 7 or 8 and August 12th. Please contact Jeremy Pflung at PflugJe@cpsboe.k12.oh.us.
Taft High School needs week 1,3 and 7 games for the 2017 season and possibly the 2018 season as well. Please contact Head Coach Jeff Cargile at jcargilesr@hotmail.com or 513-390-5167.
NEWPORT HS is looking for a game week 5 of 2017 and 2018 (9/22/17). Please contact Tim Viox at tim.viox@newport.kyschools.us or 513-300-3002.
Newport High School is looking for a game week 2 of 2017 and 2018 (September 1 of 2017)
Contact Tim Viox at tim.viox@newport.kyschools.us